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About 8 years combined experience in Videoclub - & vending area

No other technique has in recent years made similar advances such as video rental machines. VIDEOSTORE is one of the fathers of this development. Finally, we have since the year 2000 with the development of ever larger and more economical equipment standards. The long-time Automaten-Know-how, systematic engineering and customer-oriented product development in each of our over 250 VIDEOSTORE-Standorte across Europe built.


With our product family offers sophisticated, futuristic vending systems for all regions and business plans, be it gas stations, supermarkets, pizza-service or traditional video stores. And our concept solutions for pizza service and filling stations daily demonstrate their commitment under special conditions.



During the product introduction we attach great importance to security, user management and psychological energy efficiency. Our philosophy is that technical changes are not in running -Geschäftsliche processes include planning and the respective operating adjust


Today, we in the market segment of the largest rental machines on experience: For machinery components, their modifications and the new approaches that we achieve in our plants, we VIDEOSTORE system analyzes: In Was-Ist-Wenn-Szenarios are component for component to their Behavior in exceptional conditions studied, for example, if an open one DVD machines blocked. The potential errors and their impact are examined, evaluated, and new solutions found.


This leads to improving the quality, safety and reliability of the devices, before their deployment to your VIDEOSTORE location. New software applications are for the safety analysis and simulation to test our equipment and our own locations. This gradual implementation is done with all changes at the same time, and increases the availability of the facilities. Only when the new solutions have proven here, these are all VIDEOSTORE-Betreibern available.


Comprehensive service offerings

The international experience and exchange of information with the individual partners, we offer professional development of all VS-Betreiber, rapid adaptation to changing market conditions and comprehensive service around vending machines and software. Under the umbrella brand, we support our customers comprehensive and individually in determining the appropriate equipment, their exact position within the shop premises and the relevant meaningful application of the business plan of the site or to your customers.


Key components in-house production

Housing, construction technology module and the control and visualization software VTS-VIDEOSTORE terminal software are the key components of vending systems. The modular construction technology has a significant impact on the energy efficiency of the system, optimized VTS fast finding the desire films / games after individual options for your customers, so that a maximum rental income erzeilt. Since the end of 2002, we produce their own machines, optimized for any special requirements. In our 2004 built, production hall in Bad Woerishofen, we produce for specific procedure großeb part of our own needs. Other device modules obtained from reputable partners.


To potential programming errors before use in the machines in the field to identify and eliminate, we rely on real-time simulations. Today, all machines with the new and high quality software VTS. Moreover, it is VIDEOSTORE in combination with the software VBM-VIDEOSTORE Business Manager succeeded, a auditfähige software development of automation systems for video stores.



VIDEOSTORE is for the design, supply, construction and commissioning of all the automation systems and the infrastructure for marketing and advertising clients. The VIDEOSTORE quality management is based on three pillars: At the beginning, the quality review of all components and parts acquisition, which we refer to the supplier. The second tier includes ensuring the quality of the entire production process of machines, from manufacturing to service. The third pillar is the feedback qualitätssteigernder measures for the production and components as part of a continuous improvement process.



Around the clock, seven days a week, we will monitor the availability of each VIDEOSTORE-Standortes. Our service staff in the regional support centers ensure a rapid and timely service on the spot-for a smooth operation of the plants.


On the basis of a Reliability oriented maintenance ensures VIDEOSTORE rapid availability of VIDEOSTORE locations. This is made possible through the close integration of a continuous training of VIDEOSTORE-Servicemitarbeiter, an integrated information system, and the full-service concept with zustandsorientierter maintenance.

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