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VS 1000 Pro

Simply by connecting integrated network, offers the VS 1000 the ideal complement to the existing VIDEOSTORE location.
As a pure DVD-machine also in the small Shop-in-Shop-solution possible.

By networking with other terminals and the connection to the VBM VIDEOSTORE manager software can all transactions on a software process!

VS 1500 Pro

The rule is as easy as true:

What has proved its worth, developed by the smoke signals to the Internet, from the wheel to the car, from vending machines to the VIDEOSTORE VS 1500.
With its unique design and its sophisticated modular design, it is the companion site for operators who know what the customer wants.

VS 2500 Pro

Look! The VS 2500 is not a machine, which takes a long time. It is always in motion. The first few months will make clear that the VS 2500 every day to a productive experience.
The most modern equipment in its class, to the VIDEOSTORE typical LCD touchscreen, a direct connection to the network / Internet, and a large administration software.

The other is the VS 2500 a Rental and sales machine, which is very practical-from the simple menu selection on the front open technology to the field for the conventional video counter use necessary Backbox.

VS 2500-2P Pro

A device with 2 operative terminals!

Here you get the Userfunctionality with our popular VS 2500 the ease of use of two separate devices.

Almost perfect for all kinds of activities, from the selection pleasure via LCD touchscreen (choice way to block) to deposits and faster film removal / return-the new VS 2500-2P is the variety of demands.

The VS 2500-2P fits with astonishing variability their respective needs.

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VBM-lite from Videostore
vbm lite

Intuitive operation and a clear design enable rapid incorporation into the professional software. VBM lite facilitates you with a quick and efficient workflow.