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Concepts for your pizza Service

Pizza and Video Service
Only a few products you will find a line of customers such structure. What fits better than a pizza a pleasant film before the tube?
VIDEOSTORE offers a conception now a video in your pizza service. The simplest and Kostengünstigste integration into an existing window!

You choose what your customers like it! Buy comfortable each month in advance of the films that you want to offer the machines. We are happy to assist you in your selection. The films will you already preconfigured in the VS-Hülle with barcode for direct input into the machines. Of course, all data like film covers, film etc. Description already at the machine. On request, for relevant promotional material for your customers and also the current newsletter!

Customer management
The customer management is simple. You get ready contracts (similar to a mobile phone contract) with freigeschaltener customer card in a comfortable VIDEOSTORE-Kuvert.
The customer acceptance is as easy! Customers fill in the application form and then receive the customers card-Customers can now borrow films - Done!

Movie rental:
Your customers decide whether they eat a film want to borrow and for how long. Casual online or over the VS-Filmflyer by telephone. The film will automatically on machines for your rider. The driver delivers meals and movies directly to the customer.

Film return:
Now comes the trick! The client decides whether he wants to return film itself, or by using a food order the film on the driver wishes to return. This allows your client the film with his food order at the next from the Office already on your driver again. The film itself will return uncomplicated by the quick return of the shaft-film prize will be automatically deducted.

Customer loyalty par excellence!

B2B - Business 2 Business
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VBM-lite von Videostore
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